Hodges Commercial Real Estate, Warehouse and Logistics Services : People
Hodges Commercial Real Estate, Warehouse and Logistics Services : People
Lance Hunter Lance Hunter CEO Lance Hunter has helped lead the Hodges Companies for over 14 years, the last 12 as CEO. He has more than 35 year's management experience in diverse industries including warehousing, logistics, real estate, financial services and consulting. He is a former CPA and a received an MBA from the Harvard Business School. email: lancehunter@hodgeswarehouse.com
Paul Hodges Paul Hodges Vice President/Shareholder Paul Hodges has been a licensed real estate broker for over 15 years while fully involved in warehouse and logistics management. He has extensive experience buying, selling and managing large varied real estate portfolios for the family company as well as acting as an agent advising others. email: paul.hodges@hodges-realestate.com
Ena Park Ena Park International Operations and Finance Ena combines a strong American business educational background with native Korean and Chinese language and cultural skills. She earned an MBA from Auburn University at Montgomery, and undergraduate Dual Degrees From Troy University, Troy, Alabama and Beihua University, Jilin, China. She has been an integral part of the accounting, customer service and warehouse management operations for Hodges, first as an intern and now as the lead member of management coordinating services to all clients with Korean and Chinese heritage or ownership. email: ena.piao@hodgeswarehouse.com
Michael Hodges Michael Hodges Leasing and Facilities/Shareholder Michael Hodges has served in management positions within the Hodges companies over the last 15 years with a variety of experience in leasing, sales and general management. email: mhodges@hodges-realestate.com
Shane Parish Shane Parish Chief Operating Officer Shane has led the warehouse operations of Hodges for just over a year. He has held multiple roles in his last ten years with Hodges working in accounting, operations and information technology. He has extensive knowledge and experience in warehousing, logistics and manufacturing with a concentration in the automotive industry. With Shane’s knowledge in these fields along with his leadership role as COO, he provides exceptional services to our clients. He received his degree in Accounting from Troy University. email: sparish@hodgeswarehouse.com
Jake Odom Jake Odom Jake has ten years of experience in public accounting with Warren Averett, as well as over five years in private industry including retail, manufacturing, technology, and serving as controller of Hodges. He has extensive knowledge of real estate accounting, having worked on many large real estate audits. He received his bachelor’s and master’s degrees from the University of Alabama, and his CPA certification in 2004. email: jodom@hodgeswarehouse.com

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